Each one of ten billion single cells shivered to its own rhythm as the cold cartwheeled against my toes in more and more bitter waves of reality.  I let my feet slip into Spring Lake against the better judgment of my unhappy nervous system.

My ankles and all of the hot blood moving through the passageways near them were aghast and withered at the sensation of the temperature.  I found myself thinking that it wasn’t so bad.  Not really.  Not really.  The throbbing would subside.  It’s just the veins or arteries or something… they won’t hurt forever.

I walked in deeper, up to my knees, tossing the toy for my beloved, life vest clad puppy, Guri, to go bounding in after.  She leapt from the dock like it was the summer and she had no mind for the cold I forged into so bravely.  I realized that, with her life vest on, she was wearing far more for warmth than I was in my swimsuit and cap.

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