This weekend I have been on a learning curve.  Let me tell you: it’s rough.  I think that the hardest thing you can do is not learn things new and fresh, it’s to unlearn what is wrong.

In my case, and as this blog is about swimming, I was unlearning a few bad, nasty swimming habits.  Or maybe, I was learning how to correct them.  Or maybe I was  just floundering.  But I don’t think that I floundered too much.  I didn’t sink or die or anything like that.  So that is good.

I remember a day when I was working and I said to somebody that the first three miles is always the hardest.  My quick-witted co-worker instantly replied, “The rest is all downhill.”

Needless to say, I laughed.   And that small exchange was my first thought when my swimming guru friend told me to keep my head down, press my chest into the water and to feel like I am swimming downhill.  You don’t keep your head up anymore.  It’s not important what’s in front of you.  Really.  Don’t look.  Just swim.  Keep your head down.  Swim downhill.  Press your chest down.  Keep your hips up.   Did I say this is important? Read more