3:00 am – my alarm goes off.

3:10 am – my alarm goes off… again.

3:20 am – my alarm goes off, and I dream about getting up and getting ready.

3:30 am – my alarm goes off, and I finally roll out of bed.

3:45 am – out the door and off about my day!!!

3:50 am – out the door… again.

3:52 am – start driving to work.

4:00 am – FIRST BREAKFAST!!!

4:20 am – Driving and worshipping, singing and sipping coffee.  Watching the lights flash as they whiz by the car window.

4:45 am – More driving and worshipping to such songs as Something Beautiful, The World is Not Enough (thank you James Bond), and Kiss the Girl (Ariel the Little Mermaid).  I don’t know, but I’m definitely thinking about Yahweh when I hear any of those songs so it’s worship to me.

5:00 am – Arrive in White River Junction.

5:02 am – Turn down a street toward the Aquatic Center.

5:03 am – Make a u-turn.

5:10 am – Arrive at the Aquatic Center.

5:15 am – Walk into the pool area, hop into a lane and start warming up.

5:30 am – Master’s workout – moderate difficulty.

6:20 am – Get out of the pool, head to locker room.

6:45 am – Leave locker room.

6:47 am – Continue driving to work.

7:00 am –  1ST SNACK TIME!!!

7:19 am – More driving.  More worship.  Intercession and sunrise watching.  Every view along I-91 is a postcard marking the morning and my heart can’t help but soar.

7:35 am – Stop to refill on coffee, throw the kong toy for the puppy.

7:40 am – Continue driving to work.

8:00 am – Arrive at work.

8:30 am – 2ND SNACK TIME!!!!

10:00 am – 2ND BREAKFAST!!!

2:00 pm – LUNCH!!!

4:15 pm – Leave work.

4:30 pm – More driving.  More worship.  Intercession, and watching the sun begin to go down.

4:50 pm – More driving.

5:30 pm – Arrive in White River Junction.

5:32 pm – Make the turn toward the Aquatic Center.

5:35 pm – Arrive at the Aquatic Center.

5:50 pm – Hit the pool deck and smile at the Master’s coach, Barb.

Barb: You can swim in this lane if you want.
Me: Is it the same workout as this morning?
Barb: Were you here this morning?
Me: Yes.
Barb: Do you have a twin?
Me: No.  I’m the same person.
Barb: Oh, okay.  It is the same workout.  Do you just want to swim?
Me: Sure.

6:00 pm – Hop in the pool.

6:15 pm – Warmup complete, begin 100s at 1:40 interval.

6:45 pm – Mile complete.

7:00 pm – Leave aquatic center.

7:09 pm – Turn toward Route 4.

7:12 pm – Make a u-turn.

7:20 pm – DINNER!!!

7:30 pm – More driving.  More worshipping.

8:30 pm – Arrive Home.

9:18 pm – Finish this blog post.

Tomorrow – Repeat.

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