Sir, Yes Sir!

This is a tribute to a young man that I know.  He is an accomplished athlete and a dear friend.  The only person who has swum with me in cold water, I have always held a special respect and love for him in my heart.  I am always captured and rendered still at his overcoming and at his character, and I hope that in my life – not just when I swim – that I can be so true.

Hold.  Fast.

That is what we will do.  Grip a Word with our bare hands, until they bleed with our overcoming of self as we make ourselves into the type of men who do not relinquish what Yahweh has given to us to do.  That is what we do.  We reach.  We hold.  And we hold fast.

You can taste your sweat and feel the pain of it.  Booming it’s echoing shell of a cry is your heart pleading, “Stop!  Stop!  Before I do!”

And when the waters subside and the sun burns with dawn and the moon has fled and the birds dare sing again – we often find ourselves on the other side.  Broken.  Bleeding.  Death haunting our forms but life burning in our eyes.  We find ourselves qualified.  Qualified to have our very dreams that we dreamt from the very, very beginning. 

You know that sound of such violent, bellowing, shuddering rejoicing!  You have released it from your spirit and let it fly across the wind to the highest mountains and across the seven seas!  Your victory could not spread faster than wildfire throughout the world – catching spirits who would be caught with a mark of your passion to inspire them to reach for such glory revealed!

But what sound do you make, tell me, when you have qualified to lay your dream down?

What sound do you release when you have held fast with all faithfulness to cross every last “t” and to dot every last “i” with precision day after day after day and must let go of what you thought you held so fast for?  Your dream.  Your passion.  What do you do?  What would you do?

When you hear those words, “I said let it go!”

… tell me, tell me…

What do you do, then? 

Begrudge Him his excellent plan?  Fight Him for His word?  Turn your back?  Walk away?  Let it eat away at you until you have destroyed the day we danced for you with mourning?

I saw a man today.  I have not met a man so true.  So faithful.  So diligent to a Word.  He kept it alight and afire within him.  He was all things to that Word, and it was an always to him.  Not even a man in age, he was a man in his character unlike any I’ve ever seen.

And Yahweh looked down at this man and declared him qualified to lay down his dream.

When I saw him today, all I saw was, “Sir, yes sir.”

I saw it in his eyes, alight and alive.  I saw it in his smile.  I saw it in his voice and tone.  I saw it in him – tired, worn, hungry-looking, thin, hurting, and exhausted as he was.  That was all I saw.

“Sir, yes sir.”

Not angry.  Not confused.  Not anything except ready for what is next – because his confidence was already set.  His heart was already true.  His passion was never misplaced in a dream, but founded in the one who does all things well.  As much energy and passion and diligence and excellence as he had already sown – he will sow even more into this future.  He is of a character that will carry him into such unknowns that not a visionary or a dreamer amongst us can imagine it.

To qualify for such transcedence as to be given something greater than what you hoped and dreamed for; how well would we fight to be so privileged?

I saw an excellence today that could have been perceived as defeat or failure.  As I looked him in the eye and saw the life so undimmed by all that has happened – my heart was challenged.

Yahweh, dear Yahweh… when and if you require it of me, a laying down and a letting go… when you design a perception of a failure and grant me such opportunity as transcending what I hope and dream for, from my day to day aspirations to my hopes and dreams – let me see that young man’s eyes in the mirror of that Word.  Don’t let me forget him.  Don’t let me forget that smile.  That tone.  That attitude.  His position and alignment.

I never, never want to forget: “Sir, yes sir.”

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