12 Days of Swimming Christmas Carol

True to form, I was singing to myself this past week while swimming.  I had myself giggling merrily and sat down last night to turn this right out; a swimming Christmas Carol adaptation.  Feel free to sing along!  True to any Christmas Carol, there is some history, good will, and a whole lotta hope!

Be sure to sing the whole thing through… it won’t always be what you expect!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


On the first day of Christmas, I got for swimming…

An English Channel Crossing Booking!

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Swim Team

I was waiting for my regular lane buddy, Tim, to show up.  My eyes went back and forth between the clock and the locker rooms.  I didn’t see him anywhere.  I frowned.  I always have fun when I swim with Tim.   If he’s not there or I don’t get to swim in the same lane as him – I don’t get to laugh anywhere near as hard!  Besides that, since I’ve started swimming with him, I’ve actually begun to feel like I’m a part of the team.

I had a lot of trouble feeling like I fit in at the Masters class in White River Junction.  I was so slow when I started that I didn’t feel like I belonged with the other swimmers.  Since I didn’t belong with the other swimmers – regardless of my long distance open water achievements – I felt like I wasn’t a swimmer.  And since the only sport I participated in was swimming, I didn’t feel like an athlete, either.   I was, in my own mind, unclassifiable and that left me feeling like a specialized, pigeon-holed freak of nature.

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