English Channel Benefit Concert Recap

Intrepid Athletics sponsored a Benefit Concert for my English Channel Crossing this past Saturday, March 23rd, 2013.  Featuring Gypsy Reel, Extra Stout, and Rick Redington & The Luv; it was a lovely evening of fun, family, and friends.

I must thank so many, many people for such an incredible evening, that I am not sure where to begin!  I was so impressed by all the support and the turnout – friends, family, co-workers, community members!  What an amazing experience to have you all come and stay and party and participate in this journey with me.

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4-Mile IM

To be honest… I was getting weary of pool swimming.  Part of it was the combination of two 50 degree weather days in a row.  I knew I was scheduled for a sea swim at the end of the week, too, and all I could do was long for the open water.  I heard, over and over in my head like the mindless chant of a tuneless song, “I must go down to the sea again.”

I must go down to the sea again.

I tried not to despise this madness, but to embrace it as, simply, a yearning for spring and summer.  It wasn’t out of season to dream in green.  Not at all!  Every time it snowed, I was grateful – it would keep the water colder longer, after all.  But it was disheartening to me to be locked in my concrete box, mostly alone, in the vaulted ceiling prison, with the huge window showing me the blue sky but keeping the glass between me and my adventures.

So, when three-mile Wednesday came along, it was little surprise to me that I got in the water and felt disenchanted with the notion.  I waltzed across the pool deck to my lane and slipped in and stared the 25 yard distance down.

I know I want to swim.  I always love swimming!  I know I love the water.  I know all of that.  It just… wasn’t romantic at the moment.  And in my life, I make it a point not to fall out of love with anything I do.  If it’s not exciting or interesting or fun or moving or challenging, then it just seems that it should be.  And there isn’t any reason why it couldn’t be, now is there?

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I should like to propose a toast… to Speedo Long Hair swim caps! No longer do I stop every lap to adjust my swim cap! No longer do caps explode off of my head, ripping apart under the strain of holding my hair back! No, friends! All has been remedied. I am very grateful to Speedo and their amazing product. I am no longer ashamed of my gigantic noggin.
Happy Anniversary, head, hair, and cap! It’s been a good year of keeping it all together!

Miss Adventure Swim

If you are my friend on Facebook and you have not read my Note about being a Bosch, I should like to direct you to that Note at this time.

If you are not my friend on Facebook.

Okay, so my people (as in, we, the Bosch) are both German and Irish descendants.  Irish passion.  German ingenuity.  Irish temper.  German stubbornness.  Excellent qualities.

But this also means that we are barbarians in structure.  Bone structure, I mean.  We come from long lines of pillagers and fighters, warriors and farmers, and, basically, underdogs with brute strength.  We are our own army and we don’t let our numbers get in the way of our size.

So.  Barbarians in structure.


(I put that in caps to get it through my thick skull.) 

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Easy Mind, Grateful Heart

It was a quiet drive.  Half snow, half rain.  Not even any music.  I was content, solely in being.

I thought about how little I had to worry about.  After all, I build my lists.  I do the things I can.  I don’t go looking for worry and try to settle any before it comes to find me.

I thought about how much I have to be grateful for.  The people in my life.  I named a few and smiled to the point where I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud.  I thought about how much they do and how great they are.  It made me think that I must be some kind of special, to have so many incredible, talented, amazing, kind, intelligent people in my life.

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Intrepid Athletics: A Proud Partnership

Below is a note from Intrepid Athletics President, Natalie Boyle.  It is my honor to have this opportunity to help raise money to build an aquatic center in Rutland.  I have no doubt that swimming was something I was born to do.  It is my hope to not only pursue that destiny, but to give it purpose beyond myself and to contribute back into the community that I so love.  Thank you, all, for your support! – Bethany

Intrepid Athletics, Inc. is pleased to announce its support of Bethany Bosch and her English Channel venture!

Intrepid Athletics is a non-profit corporation based in Rutland, VT whose mission is to support amateur athletes in both national and international competition.  Our current fundraising endeavors are two-fold: to help offset the costs of Bethany’s training swims, competitions, and travel as she prepares to swim the Channel in September of 2014, and to raise funds to build an aquatic center in Rutland, VT.

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