Intrepid Athletics: A Proud Partnership

Below is a note from Intrepid Athletics President, Natalie Boyle.  It is my honor to have this opportunity to help raise money to build an aquatic center in Rutland.  I have no doubt that swimming was something I was born to do.  It is my hope to not only pursue that destiny, but to give it purpose beyond myself and to contribute back into the community that I so love.  Thank you, all, for your support! – Bethany

Intrepid Athletics, Inc. is pleased to announce its support of Bethany Bosch and her English Channel venture!

Intrepid Athletics is a non-profit corporation based in Rutland, VT whose mission is to support amateur athletes in both national and international competition.  Our current fundraising endeavors are two-fold: to help offset the costs of Bethany’s training swims, competitions, and travel as she prepares to swim the Channel in September of 2014, and to raise funds to build an aquatic center in Rutland, VT.

In order to complete our short-term financial goal of getting Bethany across the Channel, we need to raise approximately $18,000 over the course of the next 18 months.  Any proceeds raised above and beyond that amount will go into a fund for the aquatic center.  It is our shared hope that such a center will provide community members of all ages with access to fitness equipment, classes, and aquatics for training, competition, rehabilitation, and recreation all year long.

Our first fundraising concert will be held at Merchant’s Hall, 40-42 Merchant’s Row, Downtown Rutland, on Saturday March 23rd and will feature local talent Rick Redington and the Luv, Extra Stout, and Gypsy Reel.  Tickets can be purchased for a minimum donation of $15.00 by calling (518)321-7787 or (848)466-7215.

Tickets can also be purchased using the Paypal button marked “Donate” on the right hand side bar of this blog or by clicking the button below.  **Please specify the number of tickets you are purchasing in the “message” portion of your paypal payment,** and we will have your tickets waiting for you at the door the night of the show.

Unable to attend the concert? You can also use the Paypal “Donate” button to make a donation to Bethany and/or the aquatic center. Just make a note that your payment is a donation to either fund.

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