Easy Mind, Grateful Heart

It was a quiet drive.  Half snow, half rain.  Not even any music.  I was content, solely in being.

I thought about how little I had to worry about.  After all, I build my lists.  I do the things I can.  I don’t go looking for worry and try to settle any before it comes to find me.

I thought about how much I have to be grateful for.  The people in my life.  I named a few and smiled to the point where I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud.  I thought about how much they do and how great they are.  It made me think that I must be some kind of special, to have so many incredible, talented, amazing, kind, intelligent people in my life.

I guess I realized then that I was going to successfully meet my swim goal for the day.  And I knew it, because I had the two key ingredients:

An easy mind.

A grateful heart.

When the world is pressing against your temples from inside of your skull, burning your eyes with tears and angst, how can you expect to glide in grace and poise?

When unsettlement flirts with anger and flairs frustration, how can you expect to judge your movements with clinical patience and precision?

If there are people you’ve imprisoned and their voices echo and you are talking to them and telling them ten thousand things you could’ve/would’ve/should’ve… do you honestly have the presence to tell your body what to do next?

When drama pulls up a chair and lights a cigarette and steals your imagination away with her little fantasies… are you able to envision the success of your dream any longer?

It’s no good… swimming like that.  Unsettled.  Unsure.  Upset.

But with an easy mind and a grateful heart, you can remind yourself who you are.  You can find that place of calm and reach forward with a relaxed expectation.  You can think to yourself, or about yourself, or talk to yourself, or simply be trusted in charge of yourself.  You can try hard enough and not do too much and achieve your goals – and not all at one time and not all in one day.  You can be content.  Content with this moment and its friend the next one.

Whether to cross the distance of two laps or ten miles, I have found no better companions.  There is nothing quite as strong or as inspiring or hopeful or sweet or wonderful or infinite or creative as the expression and conversation that takes place when you are in the company of these two friends:

An easy mind.

A grateful heart.

2 thoughts on “Easy Mind, Grateful Heart

  • Very refreshing – most calming – what a way to start a day…oh, but then I haven’t even turned the ‘former day’ off completely…went to bed; felt a heavy burden to pray for an ex-son-in-law when the burden seemed to say: “Go! Right now! Send that email letter! Do not try to rationalize or question! Just go! Right now!” And so I did. And – well…then I saw Bethany! Thinking of you often, dear heart!

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