I should like to propose a toast… to Speedo Long Hair swim caps! No longer do I stop every lap to adjust my swim cap! No longer do caps explode off of my head, ripping apart under the strain of holding my hair back! No, friends! All has been remedied. I am very grateful to Speedo and their amazing product. I am no longer ashamed of my gigantic noggin.
Happy Anniversary, head, hair, and cap! It’s been a good year of keeping it all together!

Miss Adventure Swim

If you are my friend on Facebook and you have not read my Note about being a Bosch, I should like to direct you to that Note at this time.

If you are not my friend on Facebook.

Okay, so my people (as in, we, the Bosch) are both German and Irish descendants.  Irish passion.  German ingenuity.  Irish temper.  German stubbornness.  Excellent qualities.

But this also means that we are barbarians in structure.  Bone structure, I mean.  We come from long lines of pillagers and fighters, warriors and farmers, and, basically, underdogs with brute strength.  We are our own army and we don’t let our numbers get in the way of our size.

So.  Barbarians in structure.


(I put that in caps to get it through my thick skull.) 

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