Tampa Bay

Deep in my inmost being, I knew that Tampa Bay was not going to be what it was projected to be.   In the days up to the swim, I felt that I would be surprised if I ended up swimming the entire course from the Magnuson Hotel to Ben T. Davis Beach.

I attributed this ‘knowing’ to self-doubt.  I ascribed it to nerves.  I thought that I was faithless and lacked confidence.  When I stole a quiet moment to myself before the swim, I battled for understanding of what was yet unknown.  I could find no words to complete a reasonable explanation for the gnawing suspicion that things would not be the way they were intended.

Rather than dwell on it and worry, I put the feeling to good use and was certain to check and double-check things.  My gear, my rest, my nutrition, my hydration; anything I could possibly think of to have at 100%, I did.  I reassured myself that I was supposed to come here, for this.  I positioned myself to continue forward and to be ready for whatever happened.   I would arrive ready. 

I would be ready.

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Underwater Circus

Many people, when I tell them how long and how far I swim, think that I’m absolutely nuts.  It is the craziest thing they have ever heard, spending hours swimming.  And then they ask me tons of questions, and oftentimes they ask me this one:

“What do you think about while you’re swimming?”

I have decided that my thoughts naturally gravitate to four separate areas.

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