Tampa Bay Tracking

Dear Friends,

We are rushing toward the start, now!  So exciting!

If anybody is interested in monitoring my progress during the day on Saturday, I will have a GPS tracker.




As far as everything else goes, so far it’s been busy, busy preparing.  Seth and Stephanie picked Natalie and I up at the airport.  So good to be with them!!!  Makes my heart so happy.  Lunch was followed by a swim in a “gator-free” lake.  We have those in Vermont, but it mostly goes without saying.  Retrieving the kayak was quite the scavenger hunt adventure!  And we did name her (this one is a girl).  But we didn’t decide the spelling of her name yet… there may be some silent letters in there.  I’m pretty much packed for the swim:

Swimsuit – Check

Goggles – Check

Happy-go-lucky-sing-songy-excited-to-be-alive-attitude – Check

(Somewhere there is an actual list that is about 4 pages long of stuff for this swim… but everybody just keeps telling me to take care of me.)

I have pretty much decided that tomorrow might be the best day of my life.

Thanks so much!


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