Vermont Spring Swim Tour: Lake Dunmore

This is the last photograph of my working thermometer.

The Specs:

Lake Dunmore is roughly three miles long, located between Middlebury and Rutland, Vermont in the town of Salisbury.  There is a State Park on the east side of the lake.  It’s at the bottom of Mount Moosalamoo. (Oh, so many Dr. Seussian opportunities with that name!)  Triathlons and other events are hosted throughout the Summer at the State Park.

To find out more about Branbury State Park’s dates and hours of operation:

To find out more about the VT Sun Triathlon Series:

To read other fun facts:  (They even watch for loons… I wonder if anybody saw me.)

The Vermont Spring Swim Tour Map! Red Star - Lake Memphremagog, Green Star - Joe's Pond, Purple Star - Lake Dunmore
The Vermont Spring Swim Tour Map!
Red Star – Lake Memphremagog, Green Star – Joe’s Pond, Purple Star – Lake Dunmore

My Swim History On Lake Dunmore:

Actually, there was no swim history on Lake Dunmore!  I had been to Branbury State Park on family outings, and my dear friend and support crew, Natalie, began her half-Ironman distance triathlon that she completed last year there.  I am quite fond of Lake Dunmore for those reasons.  I watched Natalie swim the 1.2 miles and waited for her bike to come up the road to the State Park entrance, and I snapped pictures when she began her run and was there to cheer her into the finish as first place in her age group!  … but I hadn’t tapped into Lake Dunmore’s waiting marathon-swimming-adventuresome-ness qualities until Tuesday. May 21st.

The Adventure:

Really, I wanted to go to yoga.  I began the day in Danville (Joe’s Pond).  I went to a meeting in Colchester (Lake Champlain), and I hurried to make it to yoga back in Rutland, only to realize when I got to Middlebury – that my plan was hopelessly doomed.

So… I decided to seek out Lake Dunmore instead.

I found her!

The State Park was closed, I knew that, so I broke into the water via the boat launch on the west side of the lake.  It’s conveniently located near a restaurant.  Well, it would have been convenient if the restaurant was open.

I attached my thermometer to Guri before we got into the water.  That was a dumb idea.  No more thermometer.  But the water was fairly warm compared to… say… Lake George.  It was probably in the 60s.

We hugged the shoreline and never swam out of sight of the bottom.  There were a ton of interesting rocks on the bottom of the lake where we were swimming.  It was pretty spectacular.


The boat launch access was great for Spring swimming!  But in Summer, it would be too busy to chance getting out and back in to the lake through the narrow opening.

I tried to do some open water Butterfly.  Guri didn’t know what I was doing and tried to save me.  That was mostly hilarious.  We’ll have to work on that one.

My Goal:

I like this lake.  I would like to swim in her again.  Maybe across, maybe around… maybe some Butterfly without my dog… maybe just whatever the swim adventure is for that day!

The Slipway

Vermont Spring Swim Tour: Mighty Memphremagog

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The Specs:

Lake Memphremagog is about 25 miles long, tip to tip, and stretches from Newport, VT up to Magog, QC.  It’s a long, narrow, beautiful body of water.  It’s a great lake for fishing, boating, water skiing and, of course, swimming.  Every year, swims of all distances are hosted out of Prouty Beach in Newport and swimmers from all over the world come to participate.  It’s an incredible opportunity to swim, but it’s even more special that it benefits the communities in and around Newport and their indoor recreation facility.

To learn more about the amazing Kingdom Swim Summer Series, check out their website:

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Vermont Spring Swim Tour: Joe’s Pond

The Vermont Spring Swimming Tour

I was late getting into the water this year.  In the wake (ba ha ha! It’s a pun!) of Tampa Bay, my shoulder was on strict two weeks rest.  I’m happy to say that it’s much better, and I can swim pain free!  Now, I am definitely back and enjoying my spring swimming in my favorite bodies of water all over Vermont.  I thought you might appreciate a glimpse into my crazy life and the beautiful waters I frequently enjoy.

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