Vermont Spring Swim Tour: Joe’s Pond

The Vermont Spring Swimming Tour

I was late getting into the water this year.  In the wake (ba ha ha! It’s a pun!) of Tampa Bay, my shoulder was on strict two weeks rest.  I’m happy to say that it’s much better, and I can swim pain free!  Now, I am definitely back and enjoying my spring swimming in my favorite bodies of water all over Vermont.  I thought you might appreciate a glimpse into my crazy life and the beautiful waters I frequently enjoy.

Joe’s Pond

The Specs:

Joe’s Pond is at an elevation of 1,550 feet above sea level.  It’s about 3 miles long and ¾ of a mile across at its widest.  It has three separate bodies of water all connected.  You can find out more about Joe’s Pond at the website:

Joe's Pond

My Swim History on Joe’s Pond:

I swam on Joe’s Pond all last Spring, Summer, and into the Fall.  In the summer, I went swimming early one morning when it was foggy and earned the nickname “The Maiden of the Mist.”  It was my favorite to swim in October and November, when the snow was falling and you could smell the smoke from the woodfires hovering in the air.  My neighbors would watch out for me and cheer me into land at the end of my swims before they headed inside.

Our bay was frozen over until April 26th.  As I was unable to swim because of my shoulder injury, I started getting in the water just to sit or float on May 1st.  I hadn’t planned on this and had no thermometer.  But it didn’t feel that cold.

Typically with spring swimming, I ease my way in by doing laps in the bay first.  I try to gauge my body’s reaction to the temperatures and all of that.  With Tampa being so incredibly warm, I hadn’t gotten into cold water for about a month prior.  I was definitely missing the tingle of the cold and really wanted a good shiver.

This is my Island on Joe's Pond.
This is my Island on Joe’s Pond.

Guri and I went for a good mile-long excursion around our bay and down the long part of the lake and back up and around the island.  There was a steady wind and the air temperature was in the 40s – it had even been snowing and sleeting earlier that day.  The water temperature was 56, though, and quite pleasant.

My Random Thoughts About Joe’s Pond:

When I swim alone and start to get cold, I think all sorts of wild and crazy things.  Everything on the bottom of the lake is a dead body at first glance.  Yeah, that’s not creepy at all!  Then, one time, I saw a beaver on Joe’s Pond and now I’m afraid that they will hunt me down.  I imagine all sorts of scenarios where Guri and a beaver have a head-to-head fight.

I do sometimes worry that I’m frightening the locals.  Lots of older folks live on Joe’s Pond, and usually I’m the only one out in the water… or on the water… this time of year, anyway.  But one trip to the Danville Inn assured me that they all think that what I’m doing is pretty great.  Maybe they’ll amend their “Ice Out” contest to be a “Bethany Bosch In” contest.

My Goal:

I’d like to swim the entire length of Joe’s Pond to the bridge and public beach and back to my bay.  But I fear that that requires either some support or some means of carrying nutrition along with me.  I’ll have to work on that one.  But it sure would be fun!

One thought on “Vermont Spring Swim Tour: Joe’s Pond

  • Oh, I can kayak for you!! It will just take some planning and schedule-shifting. We should do it. AND, no waterfalls 😉

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