I Got it Easy

I Got it Easy

 – Michael Buble –

“Never been in trouble,
I never got hurt.
Never had to struggle,
I never had to work –
Hard – for anything before, believe me.
Lord, I’ve got it easy.”

4:00 am –  I have to get up.  I have to.  I have to run.  I have to go running.  I hate running.  I’d rather… sleep.  I’d rather… scoop out my eyeballs with plastic spoons.  I have to get up.  I have to run.  I planned to run.  I did.  I can do this.  I said I would and I’m no liar. I shouldn’t skip it.  But I hate running.  But, it will make me a better swimmer.  Sure… sell your soul to the devil to be a better swimmer…

6:00 am – No flaggers out in the road yet.  That’s good.  Nobody around.  A quiet morning so far.  I’ll sweep the floor and make coffee before anybody gets here.

6:20 am – I wonder what the coastal temperatures are?

7:00 am – We decided on the paint finish for the Bandstand railing and the paint finish for the ceiling, but we didn’t decide on the fascia.  Is it too early to call the Artist for a decision?  It can’t be, can it?  Gloss vs. Semi-gloss.  I have to get the contractor an answer. I can do that.  He has to order the paint.  They have to finish the work.  Gloss or Semi-gloss.  It’s not too early…?

7:20 am – The coastal temperatures aren’t that bad!  This is so exciting!  I have to tell Jenah!

7:21 am – Did you just text your sister-in-law – who doesn’t swim and lives in landlocked New York state – about the coastal temperatures?  Before 8 am?

9:00 am – But I know I paid that.  It was on Nick’s report.  But Nick said it wasn’t on his report…?  But when I close my eyes, I can see the entry.  I can see the item code and I can see the progress payment and the description.  I can see myself looking up the code in the computer system.  I can see it all so clearly!  It must have happened or… I must have dreamed it.  …Really?  Well, the payment wasn’t made.  I guess I must have dreamed it.  I’m working in my sleep?

9:37 am – If they finish by 4 pm, I can make it to Masters in White River tonight.

10:00 am – Jeans.  I am wearing jeans.  Oh geez.  I didn’t know this meeting was so… um… proper.  There’s the three-piece suits, skirts, dress pants, ties… even shoulder pads.  Who wears shoulder pads anymore?  Does that happen?  Why does that happen?  Jeans.  And they want me to sit in the front of the room…?  In my jeans.  Jeans vs. Suits.  I could have worn a skirt, if I’d known.  I can do that.  The last time I wore a skirt to work… well, it doesn’t really go with the safety vest and hard hat.

11:12 am – What?  Oh yes, soil compaction in the Green.  We have to aerate the soil.  We’ll have to propose a solution.  We’ll have to make sure that the solution can work for both the areas where trees will be planted as well as where existing trees with extensive root systems are.  We’ll have to create an item and re-write a portion of the contract.  I can do that.

Noon – They dug what in the wrong location?

12:57 – I am so hungry.  When did you eat last?  Did you write it down?  You have to keep track of this stuff.  Yes, I can do that.  What did I eat?  What did I drink?  Did I drink anything?  Gosh, how long has my water bottle been empty?  You really shouldn’t let that happen.  You need water.  I miss the water.  I miss the sea.  When was the last time I swam?  Yesterday.  Oh.  Yeah.  Duh.


“I feel guilty a little,
I’ve been given so much,
People are dying in dark,
While I’m lying in the sun,
And I sleep like a baby,
Every night it seems,
I’m having the sweetest dreams,
I can say honestly,
I got it easy.”

1:42 pm – When are you going to start reading the next contract?  That’s several hundred pages right there.  You have to read it.  You have to know what it says.  I can do that.  Look at that stack of books just staring at me from the desk.  When did this desk get so messy?  How did that happen?  Shoot… all this stuff I have to do and it’s just about 2 pm… I’m not going to make it to White River for Masters.  Well… I guess I’m not too upset about that!  Don’t smile.  Masters makes you a better swimmer.  Sure… sell your soul to the devil to be a better swimmer…

2:07 pm – Yes ma’am.  I will send somebody right over to look at that for you.  I absolutely will.  I can do that.

3:56 pm – Keep walking, don’t make eye contact… don’t do it.  He’s said he likes your shirt every day the last three days and yesterday he said you smelled good.  Well… “better than car exhaust”.  That’s about as good as it gets around here, I suppose…

4:31 pm – I’m not going to have time to swim tonight at all.  Ugh.  But I like swimming.  I guess it was good I went yesterday.  Gosh, it was cold, windy, and rainy.  Poor dog couldn’t go into the waves, it was hard for her to breathe.  I should teach her to bilateral breathe.  I really should.  Boy, it was so cold.  It’s not just water temp, it’s the weather, too.  But it was good to do it – the weather can’t always be good.  Once I got going it wasn’t that bad.  Not at all.  I warmed up.  It’s kind of fun!  The first three minutes are the hard part… that’s all.  But today is just so beautiful!  A good day for a swim, sunshine and everything!  *sigh*

4:58 pm –  Oh!  An email from dad!  Oh… ‘Flash flood warnings.  My warning to you about flash floods is don’t swim in them.’  Ba ha ha ha ha!

“I’m not trying to brag about it,
Just wanna say I appreciate it, completely,
And when I’m acting a fool, you’re never cruel to me,
I got it easy.”

5:29 pm – What am I doing?  I can’t remember.  It was something.  Something important.  Oh.  Gosh, and I had a question for David, too.  What was it?  A swimming question.  What was it?  C’mon…. it’s in there somewhere.  It’s gotta be.  Was it about kicking?  I think so.  These darn steel-toed boots hurt my feet.  Maybe there’s wider ones out there I should get for next time.  Steel-toes…  why did I put them on?  Oh, yeah… the conduit!  I was going to watch them backfill the conduit.  That’s what I’m doing!  See?  I got this.

7:30 pm – Okay.  Dinner is over.  Back to work.  You can do it.  It’s not hard.  If you just finish the meeting minutes from the marathon meeting, yesterday, you’ll be fine.  And the reports.  Don’t forget the reports.  Easy.  I got it easy.  I like that song.  He he!  Guess I don’t really mind having it stuck in my head.

8:10 pm – Last cup of coffee.  I’m telling you, Bethany, this is the last cup of coffee.

9:17 pm – Gosh, the Rutland Swim Team coach didn’t send me the schedule yet.  I really want to help them out, if I can.  I guess it’s still early.  Yeah.  It’s only May.  Maybe she doesn’t have it yet.  She didn’t forget me… I’m kind of memorable.  I really hope I can help them out.  I really want to.  It’d be so good.  Swimming is such a good thing.  Wish we had an indoor pool for it.  Maybe more kids could learn, if we did.  Maybe.  They’d have the opportunity.  They would!  They’d have a place they could go.  It would be so great.  Just such a good thing.

10:03 pm – Maybe if I finish this, I can go for a night swim!  No.  Absolutely not.  You are not swimming at night, alone.  And no, Guri doesn’t count as a safety person.

10:34 pm – I know, you can make it up over the weekend!  All the swimming!  Yeah!  I will swim in all the places I want!  All of them!  Glens Falls and every lake between there and home and the sea.  I can even go to the sea.  Just finish this.  Almost there.

“The world is wide open to me,

But it’s your love that completes me.

Lord, I got it easy.”

11:00 pm – Ha!  See!  I’m done!  All finished!  Ha!  That wasn’t so bad!  No, no!  ‘I got it easy!  Yeah, yeah.  …And I sleep like a baby, every night it seems! I’m having the sweetest dreams…I can say honestly: I got it easy.’  This isn’t so bad.  No.  This life?  Look at those stars!  Just look!  Gosh.  Such a clear sky.  Such a beautiful day!  A soft wind, a permanent smile.  It’s not a hard life!  No, not at all.  So much good.  So much success.  It’s not the hardest hard there is.  No.  I guess, I find my own rewards.  We’ll get there.  I get to swim in the sea!  This weekend, I do!  And maybe in Glens Falls with Bob and Deb!  And maybe in whatever lake I want!  With my dog.  Sure, I’ll make it all up.  I will.  Just have to do what you have to do sometimes… and then the rest comes along as it should.  It’s not bad.  No… me? I got it easy.

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