Breakthrough Nutrition: A Diary of a Recovering American Diet Addict

Growing up in a large family of large boys – Germanic, Hun, Celt, Viking Barbarian boys – dinnertime was war.  Although it erupted into an actual firefight only once (the Great Battle of the Lima Beans), there was always a subtle understanding of the competition at hand: eat as much as you can before everybody else eats it all.  My strategy, personally, was to eat my first serving of my favorite item as fast as I could.  As fast, fast, fast as I could and then, quick as lightning, get seconds.  My approach to food became: if you don’t eat what you want first and you don’t eat it fast, the other barbarians will take it all.

 Obviously, this is not the mentality or perspective of most athletes about their diet.  I knew this and had tried to address it to little or no avail multiple times.  It’s hard to know what to address; I debated whether or not I needed counseling or a nutritionist.  In the end, a friend of a friend came to the rescue with his company, Breakthrough Nutrition.

 Since beginning to work on my nutrition plan, I have learned a lot, and I decided to put the only-Bethany-would-do-that moments into a diary collection for you to enjoy.  These are true thoughts/stories/musings.  I hope that you laugh… and I hope that you are even more encouraged in your life journey with whatever you are doing.  Because if this kid can be an athlete (?!)… goodness knows anybody can do anything.

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Vermont Spring Swim Tour: Chittenden Reservoir

Red Star - Lake Memphremagog, Green Star-Joe's Pond, Purple Star-Lake Dunmore, Blue Star-Chittenden Reservoir
Red Star – Lake Memphremagog, Green Star-Joe’s Pond, Purple Star-Lake Dunmore, Blue Star-Chittenden Reservoir

The Specs:

Chittenden Reservoir is located about 8 miles northeast of Rutland, VT.  It’s about 2 miles across or so, but it has a funky shape that makes it fun to swim to all the different tips.  Because it is owned by Green Mountain Power company and nestled against the Green Mountain National Forest – the land around the Reservoir isn’t developed.  Two public access points, one near the dam and one by Lefferts Pond, allow for (small engine) boats or kayaks or swimmers to launch.  There is camping, hiking, fishing, and the Vermont Fish and Wildlife have designated a reserve for loons to nest.

The view from the beach near the Lefferts Pond’s Access.

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