Arriving in Ireland: Day One

I have successfully arrived in Ireland for my second Cork Distance Week!

I was a bit nervous when I got to the customs window in Ireland.  I told the lady I was going to be in Ireland for ten days.

“What are you doing?” She asked.
“I’m participating in a swim camp,” I replied.
She seemed a bit skeptical of this and said, “Do you have a letter or something to prove this?”
“Um,” I said.  “I didn’t print anything out about it.”
“You don’t have any kind of schedule or anything like that?”
“No,” I said.  “I’m going to swim twice a day every day for seven days in various places around Kinsale; then they have what they call a Torture Swim, and then there’s a six-hour qualifying swim for the English Channel.”
As I was telling her all of this, I was thinking, why would anybody make this up?  I mean, really.  Who goes on vacation and pays to be tortured?  I’m probably the only person in the airport who has two swimsuits in her carry-on along with a pair of prescription goggles…
“Well,” she said. “Do you have a return ticket?”
“Oh!  Yes!” I said, because I HAD printed that.

She studied the printout of my itinerary and then stamped my passport, and while handing all of my documents back to me, said, “I don’t envy you.  It all sounds terrible to me.  But I suppose you will, so have fun!”

Yes, oh yes – I will have fun!

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