Swims 12, 13, & 14: The Guillamenes, Garryvoe, & Garrettstown

Swim 12 – The Guillamenes

The Guillamenes were far and away enchanting.  We arrived at an impressive set of cliffs, and it was a bit of a trek down several sets of stairs to get to the water access.   Swimsuit and shoes required.  That’s my kind of swim!

First we swam down the cliffs to a cave.  We waited for the group of us to get all together, then we swam inside, into the darkness.  If you swam Tarzan style, with your head up, it was really cool to watch the people in front of you disappear into the dark.  Putting my face in the water was a blackness I’d never seen before, once you really got a ways inside.  Once we were in and we paused, I kind of wanted to keep swimming into the cave and sort of nudged my way toward the back… BAM!  Right into a rock.  I eased somewhere else and met another a rock. 

Bummer.  I guess that’s as far as it goes.

We circled back out of the cave and then began the actual swim along the cliffs.  I was swimming with somebody for a while until I felt that we were too far from shore and curved my way back in.  All in all I swam about 4 km, I think; maybe 5 km (2.5 – 3 miles). The water was about 16° Celsius (60°F).

I swam back to the access, admiring the beauty of the cliffs and the rocks around me.  The rocks had tiny, white coral all over their deep dark chocolate colored surface.  It was like they were clothed in hand-tailored brown satin dresses with pearls along their skirts.

I climbed up on the rocks and sat there and stared off at the sea… I never do get tired of looking out to sea.  Then I dove down picking rocks off the bottom of the sea and playing in the water and just enjoying myself.

And then… I was kind of cold and I felt silly for making myself shiver.

Swim 13 – Garryvoe

We went to Garryvoe beach and we swam.  And it was great! Fun in the water, new people were met and interesting conversations abounded! 

Swim 14 – Garrettstown

Basically…  we went to the beach.  And we played in the water!  We did silly relays and had handstand competitions and threw Frisbees and footballs and laughed and played and had a grand time.  Penny Palfrey is the reigning handstand champion! 

Then we all had food and cake and chatted and talked and rested.  I stood on the hill and sighed as I looked out at the sea.

“You okay?” Ned asked me.

“Yes!” I said. “Just enjoying the view.  It’s funny.  You never get tired of looking at the sea.”

“Nope,” Ned agreed.  And he told me about the swims he would like to do and the swims he’s done. 

Such value in the experiences we share.  Such important information.  And it’s always good to play a little too, and to remember that the water is just as much fun as it is work and time and energy.  It’s a friend.  A good, good friend.

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