The Best Car Accident Ever

“The world today can be a scary place,
It’s hard to keep your faith in the human race.
We’re running out of trees and we’re running out of space,
But we’ll never run out of good people.”
Good People, Great Big Sea

On March 24, 2013 (before Tampa Bay, Ireland, Lake Willoughby, and Lake Memphremagog) on my way home from swimming that morning, I was in a car accident.  It was far too late when I stepped on the brakes.  Those moments before impact proceed extremely slowly, like clipped and individual images in my mind.  In my being there is a resignation, a letting go.  All the power I had to avoid this is long, long gone, now.  I am simply here.

I never did name this car...
I never did name this car…

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David swimming in a calm, tame sea…

It was my very great privilege to be invited to crew for a good friend’s English Channel solo crossing attempt a few short weeks ago.  The chance to go to Dover, to be a part of such a swim, to help in whatever way I could, and to learn and absorb as much information as possible for my own solo attempt next year were all factors in the decision to go.  All of that aside, it was not lost on me that people are (mostly) very intentional about who they choose for their crew.  They want people who know swimming, who know Channel swimming, who know them and their swimming, and how to best get them across.  For whatever reason, my name was in that pool of people for David.  That vote of confidence, that “You’re one of the people I want around when I do THIS” – is something I will never, never forget.

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