Underdog: A Glimpse at My Hazardous, Impractical, and Scattered Training Schedule

Early morning take me over
Father, father, father
Take me to the top
Early morning wake me up
Father, father, father
This is not enough

Hey, that sounds like my luck
I get the short end of it
Oh I love to be
I love to be the underdog.
Hey, that sounds like my luck
I get the short end of it
Oh I love to be
I love to be the underdog.

  – Imagine Dragons, Underdog

People have asked me about my training schedule.

I ask myself this very same question… every week.

My current daily total commute from home to work to the pool is 4 hours.  This is less than 5 hours.  But only by an hour.

Most of the time – right now, because I have to so I can swim – I work only 40 hours.  Not 50.  Or 60.  But they just decided to start working round the clock.  What can I say?  Third shift happens.

When I show up at the Keene Family YMCA with my swim bag and my workout bag and my shoes, it looks like I’m moving in.  Maybe I should.

Speaking of shoes, I dreamt about my most favorite sandals in the world that broke and I threw away in Dover.  I dreamt about them between striking the snooze button at 3:50 and at 4:00 am.

I couldn’t find a matching pair of socks anywhere this morning.  Resigned to this, I packed a pink sock and a purple sock in with my gym stuff.  When I switched shoes to work out, I found my other pink and purple socks.

I’ve been lifting weights and strength training.  My shoulder still clicks when I move it around and I’m hoping to resolve this by paying better attention to all my muscles. In addition, I’ve been running and elliptical machining and rowing.  My short workout day is about two hours.

Last week, I was sick all week.  My punishment for that was no swimming for three entire days.

Today, I held a plank for an entire minute.  When I relaxed back to the mat, I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.  I am not sure how long I was there…

My long workout days get to be closer to three hours.  But they don’t seem long… until I try to swim and the pool is closing in half an hour.

The only day I skip working out is Tuesdays.  This just means that I have for at least two Tuesdays and maybe one day that disguised itself like a Tuesday in my mind for awhile before I realized it was a Wednesday…

I am still swimming outside without a wetsuit.  Saturday it was 51° in the water and 35° outside air temperature.  I don’t worry about falling asleep during those kinds of workouts.

I don’t take hot showers anymore.  The only exception is the Glens Falls Y, because those showers only have on and off buttons and they automatically get warm.  This is the other reason Glens Falls is my favorite place to swim.

Nutrition?  All I can say is, I am ever so grateful for Larabars.

I’m trying to be more deliberate, right now, to spend time with people I missed over the Summer –  Family.  Friends.  Kids.  Handsome Young Men…  Seriously though, if I am strong it is because of my incredible spirit and that needs to be cultivated by people with that same spirit and strength.  It’s just as important as any other part of training and not to be neglected.

Here I am.  I take it week to week.  I set goals as they present themselves, achieving what I can.  It’s different all the time.  Always, always changing.

To be honest, I feel like I can’t find my stride.  Like every time I reach forward, some wall of water might slam me back again.  I feel like maybe I do too much and not enough all at the same time.  I sometimes feel very tired – just physically tired.

But you know what?

I can’t stop smiling.

I just can’t!  I can’t stop feeling excited! I look forward to every morning.  I can’t stop thinking that this adventure won’t be around forever and every second of it is beautiful and wonderful and worth all the sweat and difficulty and logistics and work.  If I have to be flexible, if I have to roll into the waves more… well, then I will.  I just will learn how to do it.

Because I can.  I just can.

It’s only an ocean.  A Channel.  The English Channel.  We are less than a year away.

I feel like an underdog.

It makes me smile.

“Oh I love to be, I love to be the underdog.”

One thought on “Underdog: A Glimpse at My Hazardous, Impractical, and Scattered Training Schedule

  • What do you do for a living? I had to commute an hour each way for my internship during grad school, and with coaching and my own swimming I was gone from 4:30AM until 8PM every day. Now I live less than five miles from both the pool and work. 🙂

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