My Favorite Workouts

Winter is the time for snow swimming and ice swimming… and lots and lots of time in the pool!  To keep myself focused, I do lots of different workouts and try to tailor them toward specific purposes: speed, technique, endurance, and “just for fun!”  I was thinking about it, and I realized that I have some favorite workouts that I return to over and over again.  I thought you all might like to know what they are.  Or maybe not.  In which case, you can stop reading now.  That’s cool.

My Favorite Workout: Speed

1000 yards warmup

(This might be why it’s my most favorite speed workout because for a while, I can just check out and go to Ethany Bay and be all whatev’ – and that’s fun!)

3 x 100 yards – 100 medium, 100 medium fast, and 100 fast.  I do the 3 x 100’s three times.

(This is just about the time I feel like dying.)

10 x 50’s –  they alternate between easy and ALL OUT FAST!!!

(If I don’t feel like throwing up after each fast 50, I didn’t do it right.  Also, there’s lots of rest in there, too… so that the fast can be ridiculous every single time.)

Cool down.

My Favorite Workout: Technique

500 yards drill –

You can choose from any of the following varieties of drills: catch-up drill, fist swimming drill, fireman drill, six kick switch drill, breathing every stroke drill, breathing every other stroke drill, breathing 3-5-7-9, no breathing, underwater recovery drill,  pulling, and so on and so forth…

100 yard dolphin kick on my back with my arms in the air

I don’t know… it’s just kind of fun, I try to raise my arms higher and higher each time.

Do this 3 times, each time a different drill.  BUT – only do one drill during the 500, and really focus on getting that motion correct.

Now!  Put it all together and swim 100 yards comfortably and count how many strokes it takes you to get across the pool (N).


Swim 5 x 100 yards  like this  –

1st – N, (N-1), (N-2), (N-3)

2nd – (N-2), (N-3), (N-4), (N-5)

3rd – (N-3), (N-4), (N-5), (N-6). Now, burst out laughing when you can’t do N-6.

Try the last set again for the last two 100s, laughing each time you can’t make it.  Laughing makes it harder to make it to the wall, but holding in your laughter makes it EVEN HARDER to make it to the wall!

My Favorite Workout: Endurance

200 yards on 3:20.


My Favorite Workout: Just for Fun

50 Yards Fly

100 Yards Fly

100 Yards Fly + 50 Yards Backstroke

100 Yards Fly + 100 Yards Backstroke

100 Yards Fly + 100 Yards Backstroke + 50 Yards Breaststroke

100 Yards Fly + 100 Yards Backstroke + 100 Yards Breaststroke

100 Yards Fly + 100 Yards Backstroke + 100 Yards Breaststroke + 50 Yards Free

100 Yards Fly + 100 Yards Backstroke + 100 Yards Breaststroke + 100 Yards Free

I LOVE this workout!!!  It’s so much fun!

My Favorite Workout: Open Water

“… I think I’ll swim over there!”

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Workouts

    • … It wouldn’t be the first time I made something up! But actually, that was the name they gave it at the Bennington Masters group. Basically, your focus is on finishing the stroke, and can be exaggerated by pushing water up/out behind you. If you’re circle swimming you end up splashing the person behind you. I don’t usually take it that far, but I do think about my hand ending up in my ‘pocket’.

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