My First Product Review: Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

Three of my very dearest friends (the Queen, the Fraggle and the Open Water Attack Coach) went to a Coaches Convention.  They were, of course, there on other business; however, just like in children’s stories, video games and adventure swims, they had time to go exploring and discovering, and they happened to locate a treasure chest wherein lay an Item: the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro.
Item has been enlarged to show texture.
Item has been enlarged to show texture.

Resolution 2014: Become an Athlete (and Survive the Zombie Apocalypse)

Every year at New Years the gym is packed with people resolving to get in shape, lose weight, or do their first athletic event.  I am all for new beginnings and making changes, but let me encourage you: don’t just do those things.  Don’t only strive for a weight change or a temporary achievement – become an athlete.  Find a sport – no, find ALL the sports! – that you love and embrace them with all your awkward, gangly, wildly embarrassing passion and abandonment of self-preservation.  Truly, reader, don’t just go to the gym, I IMPLORE you.  This year, seek your inner athlete.  You will have a better chance of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

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