Miss Adventures Update

Goodness!  I am a bit behind on the blogging, I suppose!


I do apologize, my dear readers, lots of things have been happening and changing – but the good news is that I am smart and beautiful and strong and amazing and SWIMMING LIKE A FIEND!!  Because it’s 2014 and I’m going to swim the English Channel!


So here are some wonderful things that have happened recently:


1 – Intrepid Athletics has a new website!  You can read all about us on there!  http://www.intrepidathletics.org/  Keep your eyes peeled for fundraisers, t-shirts, and fun, community happenings in the near future!


2 – All of my doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, paperwork, applications, waivers, forms, releases, contracts and all of that for the English Channel and Swim Across the Sound are complete and accepted!  Folks! WE ARE DOING THIS THING!!!!  I am SOOOooooo excited!


3 – I am going to be working in Rutland!  My work takes me all over and now it will be taking me back home!  I am quite excited to be starting up on a project so near to the city that I love.


4 – AND… The Miss Adventures of Swimming blog has just hit 10,000 views.  Happy year plus anniversary to all of us!


So there you have what’s happened recently.  What’s going to be happening next, you ask?


1 – May 3rd – Cold Water Challenge – a 5.2 mile race in the ocean in CT. It should be perfectly frigid!  I can’t wait!


2 – July 4th-12th – Stay tuned! I’m going to be putting together my own challenging swim camp of two-a-days and adventure swims.  I might just be coming to a body of water near you!  And the cherry on this sundae will be finishing up with Kingdom Swim on Lake Memphremagog.


3 – August 2nd – I will return to Swim Across the Sound.  Hopefully I will get to swim this time!


4 – September 1st-6th – My English Channel Tide!  It’s only 157 days away!


So there you have what’s going to be happening.  Wanna know what’s NOT going to be happening?


1 – I am not going to get a puppy.  I don’t care how cute they are.  I don’t have time.


2 – I am not going to have a baby.  I don’t care how cute they are.  I don’t have time.


3 – I am not going to get married.  I don’t care how cute they are.  I don’t have time.


*Note: There really wasn’t any chance of any of the above happening, anyway.


I also don’t plan on learning any extreme sports, playing any full contact sports with Vikings (including hugging), or doing anything that could be harmful or dangerous.  I also don’t plan on spending money foolishly because – goodness! – this is an expensive gig!  I also don’t plan on the Zombie Apocalypse occurring.  And nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.


I think I will be able to get back on a regularly scheduled blogging program in the next couple of weeks, and thanks, everybody for all your encouragement and support!