Channel It Update!

It’s official:

Open Water Swimming Season has come to VT!!

Guri and I
Water temperature was a balmy 44 degrees on Lake Bomoseen this day!


If you haven’t spotted the girl and the brown dog, just keep a weather eye on Lake Bomoseen and the Chittenden Reservoir!

Sometimes, open water swimming in Vermont looks like the below photos, too…

wpid-img_20140416_170935_158.jpg wpid-img_20140416_171018_503.jpg


I didn’t intend to order a ANSI rated safety swimsuit, but the more safe I can be in the water, the better all around.

Open Water Safety Gear
On the left is the “grab bag” suit. On the right is my Class III safety jacket for work. Awesome.


All in all, I’d say I’m more than ready for open water swimming season.  I have a long pool swim planned for this Saturday and hopefully that will be the last one in the pool!  I’ve got an excellent group of local ladies keeping an eye on me whenever I swim open water and that keeps me getting in the lake at least a couple times a week, even when it’s ridiculously cold.

The two biggest struggles I’m facing right now are 1.) I’m still working on my shoulder issue(s) and trying to be mindful of them and keep myself strong and 2.) my feed situation.  I had missed a couple appointments with my chiropractor only to have him say when I was leaving this last time, “Um… we have a lot of things to work on.”  Great.  However – I think I’ve finally had a breakthrough in my feed situation!  Huzzah!  I’m sure I will know more after Saturday’s long swim – so stay tuned if you care about these sorts of things.

In case you missed it: Natalie Boyle of Intrepid Athletics and I were on the show The 30 on WCAX. You can check it out at the link below.

And for my final update, I just finished my 1st event of the season: the Cold Water Classic.  The water was only 47/48 degrees and the course was shortened from its original 5.2 miles for safety.  I am proud to say I completed 3 miles in 1 hour 36 minutes and won first place for going the farthest and staying in the longest!  I was so excited!  I don’t think I’ve ever won first place at anything, before!  What a fantastic day and swim!



Penfield Trophy
First Place Trophy! …Me!

We’re off to a great start after a long winter, and the best is yet to come!  I can’t wait for adventure swimming and brown dog swimming and all the shenanigans and games and good times and bodies of water the future has in store.

After all, it’s 2014!  I’m going to SWIM THE CHANNEL!!


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