Channel It Update!

“Everyday it’s-a gettin’ closer… going faster than a roller coaster…

love like yours will surely come my way – ah-ay-ay-ay…”

Disclaimer: I apologize for the plethora of exclamation points throughout this post.  But I am just so excited about my life right now!

Well friends!  The 100 days mark has come and gone!  We are now looking at 80 or so days until the start of my tide!  WOO HOO!
Just to let you know what’s been happening:
1. We are swimming without snow – (sad face) the water has warmed up to high 60s and low 70s in most of the lakes I frequent.  Lake George and Lake Champlain and Lake Memphremagog still seem to be hovering in the late 50s, early 60s.  Prime!
2. This week I took it really easy, recovering from a crazy week last week.  It’s been the slowest week since November and promises to be the last ‘lazy’ week for a while.
3. I got the best early birthday present ever from some of my very dearest, closest friends – an underwater camera!  The blog will be shining with pictures of underwater gorgeousness and picturesque landscapes!  I can’t wait!
4. I am glad to say that my shoulders have been doing really, really well!  I feel strong and good all around!
Coming up soon:
1. This week there is a beach house in my future and sea swimming and… night swimming IN the sea!  I am so looking forward to some long swims!  Hooray for swimming friends with similar goals!  Can’t wait!
2. My adventure swimming friends and I have been busy tackling the logistics of a multi-day swim across Lake George.  So far, it involves a sailboat and maybe a couple kayaks, multiple swimmers, overnights at a campsite accessible only by water and four days of adventure, islands and amazing times!  Stay tuned for those shenanigans!
3. I’ve added the Son of a Swim with Kingdom Games to my repertoire of swims for the year and Guri will be swimming it with me this coming Saturday.  Can’t wait!
4. Let’s not forget 10 mile Kingdom Swim!  Just around the corner in July!
5. Swim Across the Sound will be August 2nd!  15.5 miles to finish up my training before the taper begins.
Fundraising efforts
If anybody is interested in supporting my English Channel swim and be a part of this amazing adventure, we are selling miles of my swim through Intrepid Athletics.  Visit the website here to find out more:
Thanks everyone for tagging along!  I will do my best to keep up with the blog posting as things go along!


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