LGS: The Mermaid

  And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared…

– Homer –

The Lake George Adventure Swim: The Mermaid

Lake George. The view from the village.

There couldn’t have been a more beautiful morning – all slate gray and dark blue with a few low, misty clouds – sweet and alluring and quaint the way a creaking porch swing and a cup of coffee are.  I practically quivered in anticipation of the journey ahead.  To share this beautiful lake with some of the best people in the world… how wonderfully privileged I am!

I took a deep breath and dismissed all my expectations of the journey ahead.  There were multiple obstacles to overcome with regard to this Adventure Swim.

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The Most EPIC Way to Swim Lake George

      “The journey is the thing.”

― Homer ―


People have swum the length of Lake George.  All day and into the night.  Whether with struggles and tears, or happily and smoothly, they’ve swum on and on and on until all 31 (ish) miles have been traversed at last.

In one fell swoop, they have conquered!

… and then they go home.

And that’s that.

But, oh friends, if Odysseus had just made it home in the wake of The Iliad… we would have never had The Odyssey!  All of that adventure and triumph and excitement and thrill!  How different would your tenth grade English Class have been?!  Boredom, I tell you – fraught with boredom.


Without further ado.

I present to you… the most EPIC way to swim Lake George:

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