17 Days and Counting!

Hey Everybody!

I just thought I’d catch you all up on what’s happening.  It’s only 17 days until the start of my tide!  So exciting.

SWIM Across the Sound – 15.5 miles across Long Island Sound was cancelled after 2 hours and when conditions got to be too rough.  I was having fun, but it was for the best.

SWIM across the Sound
SWIM the Sound conditions

I went to Maine the following weekend and did my last long swim for the summer – 10 miles/6 hours.  It was calm and clear and glassy still that day.  I almost didn’t know what to do with myself!

Thirteenth Lake Swim with Bob and Deb just after the Maine trip.

I’ve been getting lots of attention lately – on VPR, the Rutland Herald and there are several other media outlets interested in the story.  Thanks to everybody for your support of swimming and swimming programs in Rutland!

Those of you who are local – the Pool Party sendoff for me is THIS SATURDAY from 1pm – 6pm.  Everybody is invited to come to White’s Pool in Rutland!  Admission is reduced to $1. There will be games, food, prizes, and a raffle for some amazing donations from area businesses including a kayak, mountain bike and various gym memberships!  Come on out and party with us!

Shoulders have been acting up a bit, but I’m careful to pay attention to them.  I’m trying to be good to them and to get plenty of rest and eat right… those seem to be the easiest things to forget about, unfortunately.

Of course, I have to get all the stuff together for the trip…

Oh!  I had my first weird dream about the Channel just last night!  I dreamt that I showed up at the Beach in Dover right after flying all night.  My crew wasn’t there, yet, but I had to swim right away.  Everybody told me I had to go right then if I was going to go at all.  So I followed my ‘boat captain’ toward the boat.  But he didn’t take me to the Dover Marina (where I have been and am pretty familiar with), he took me off through these woods down to some desolate beach somewhere I had never been to.  His boat wasn’t like the one I had seen when I was in Dover last year, it was a row boat.  As a matter of fact, he didn’t look like my boat captain at all (whom I have met).  Another “boat” beside the row boat looked like the underbelly of a sea plane with the top half of the fuselage cut off and the wings gone.  The wind was howling and the water was turbulent… and my crew still wasn’t there, yet.  I argued with the boat captain that the boat didn’t look like the picture on the internet and he said they just take pictures of random boats and put them on the internet.  But I insisted that I had been in Dover last year and I saw my boat and boat captain and these folks were not them and I didn’t want to swim without my crew…  I woke up laughing.

To finish up this blog post I will leave you with my recipe for the perfect Ice Bath.


Bethany’s Perfect Ice Bath

1 household tub drawn with cold water

21 lb. of ice

1 thermometer

Draw the household bath with cold water.  You can use the thermometer to check the temperature, but it’s usually in the mid-60s, even on the coldest setting.  Wearing your swimsuit and cap, climb into the tub.  Make sure the bag of ice is already open and nearby.  Add the ice over the top of you and into the water.  Soak for 30 minutes and enjoy!

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