LGS: Haven

The Lake George Adventure Swim took place over the Fourth of July weekend this past year.  It was a four day excursion across the length of Lake George in segments.  To read about the Mermaid I found during swim 1 you can click here. To read about the battle with Medusa during swim 2 click here. To read about Poseidon’s gift click here. To read about the Sirens click here.

Electrolytes.  Is that a euphemism for Scotch?

 –  Jack H. –


The next morning we were up early.  I love early mornings. They are so hopeful.  So quiet.

Goodbye Red Rock Bay!!!

We had breakfast, packed up the boat, and snuck out of the campsite nice and quietlike (like a Fish!).  We headed north, motoring back to the spot we left the afternoon before.

Orange and Red day.

The important thing about today was that it was orange and red day for the male contingency.  I would make some comment about the girls having more fashion sense than that… but I spent most of the weekend in a swimsuit.

Speaking of a lack of sense, common or otherwise, let’s just discuss the bug bites ALL OVER my body.  I had heard the mosquitoes buzzing around my ears but convinced myself I would be fine all night long.  The hand knit afghan had afforded many opportunities for mosquitoes to find ways at my skin.  Even my ears were not spared.

I itched.  I scratched.  Repeat.

Then I jumped in the water and I swam my little heart out toward Clark Hollow Bay.

Freakin’ mouth breather…

I was fast, covering the 7 miles in something under 3.5 hours!  We were all amazed by that!  Of course, at the time, we thought it was closer to 8 miles, but whatever.  It was still fast.

I’m so beautiful.

While I was swimming I missed the experimental coffee making on the boat.  But I did hear tales of fear and trembling and self-congratulatory accolades from various parties involved later.

Man makes coffee.

I, however, did not miss Deb doing yoga on the bow of the North Forty.  She timed it just right so that when I turned to breathe, she would smile under her arm at me from ‘down dog’.  I laughed so hard.

Such fun!

We arrived at Clark Hollow Bay earlier than anticipated (reference the note above about me being fast).  The entire reason that we chose Clark Hollow Bay was that friends of Bob and Deb’s have an amazing camp there.  What’s so amazing about it is that it has a phenomenal view of the water, but you can’t see the camp from the water.  You don’t know it’s there at all!

The view of the camp from the water. See? Sneaky, sneaky!

Our friends had just left the camp upon our arrival and so we sat by the water and ate and chatted and watched the water and planned for our next adventure.

Poseidon arrived!  I don’t know if we admitted losing the flag to him or not.  He asked me how my shoulders were.  They had briefly attested to their use last night, but had worked really well today.  I was not all that sore at all!  It was quite amazing!  I was very happy with my capabilities.

We decided that since there was such a strong wind from the south, we would sail to the top of the Lake and swim south.  It seemed like a good idea, because we couldn’t just motor around the lake on a sailboat and never actually sail.

What would the Greeks think?

Our friends arrived from afar with fuel and food and water and toilet paper.   All good things when you have them.

We had lunch and chatted and laughed and enjoyed our hosts.  Then we headed back to the boat and headed out.  Poseidon stood on the dock until we were under sail and watched us leave.

The North Forty under sail and Dave also under the sail.

We sailed north up the lake.  It was perfect sailing conditions.  Well worth the hardship of a laborious swim.  It was really fun to sail, and I wish I knew more about it.  I think maybe next time I am on a sailboat, I won’t be so quick to jump overboard.

Once we were just about to Prison Island and as far as we could safely make it to the top of the lake, I jumped overboard and started swimming south with Dave in the kayak beside me.

Swim Top Down
Second Swim of the Day!

The thing I remember most about this part of the swim was that it was warm.  The water was shallow and warm.  I could see lots of snails and stuff on the bottom of the lake.  Golf balls.  Pens.  Wrappers and bad beer bottles.

I think I should like to point out that people who drink good beer never litter in lakes.  I’ve never seen a Guinness bottle or a Long Trail or anything good like that.

I picked up a friend in the water!  A fish followed me for a little while.  He made me smile.

The other thing is, I had had a Diet Coke at the camp at lunch.  That was a bad life choice.  My stomach was really, really unhappy about that and the feed only seemed to make it worse, not better.

It was okay, though.  I just kept swimming.

Bob and Deb and Dave kept warding off boat traffic and guiding my way.

Rounding Anthony’s Nose.

We made it around Anthony’s Nose and goodness!  Medusa was back for round two!  Every boat on Lake George needed to go right by Anthony’s Nose right then.  We were swarmed.  It was rough.  I offered to go back around the corner and abort the swim, but we carried on into Blair Bay where there was less of a bottleneck.  Then we determined that we needed to get out so we could get back to camp in time for dinner.

As we headed back down the lake, I observed some more spots on my legs and arms… like bug bites only… not.

Duck itch.  Huzzah!

Oh well.

We arrived at the camp to find our hosts had prepared a marvelous dinner.  It was such an amazing place to be privileged to see, that camp – the sunset on the Lake through the trees.  It felt like a giant tree house.

The view of the Lake from the Camp.

I was torn about not sleeping on the North Forty.  I wanted to… it was our last night, after all!  But I didn’t want any more bug bites, more.  So we opted to sleep on our sleeping bags on beds in the camp, safe from bugs.

The dominant theme after dinner was that tomorrow’s weather forecasted a storm.   We discussed and theorized and finally decided that we had to be up and ready early, early.  We would load the North Forty and motor as far back down the Lake as we could and… time and conditions permitting… we would swim the final few miles near to home.

We estimated we were about 3-4 miles shy of completion.

It was a good plan.

I headed up to bed.  It was hard to imagine that the weather could be bad… so far from everything of any concern here in this safe haven.  It was just that.  A place of endless safety, warmth, friendship, memories and life… I think I will always look back at that camp and smile.

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