Arrived in Dover!!!

Guys!  We are really, for real here!  And really for real going to swim the English Channel!  Still no word on when just yet, but I will be talking to my boat captain later tonight.

Here are some pictures of the trip so far.  We did a nice swim in Dover Harbor this morning and walked a bit around Folkestone. The wind was pretty high today… you can see the conditions when you get to the pictures of Shakespeare Beach. We, also, of course, frolicked and played and had a good time.

Shakespeare Beach
The English Channel view from Shakespeare Beach
Looking at the White Cliffs of Dover from Dover Harbour
The warning sign
Me mimicking the swimmer on the warning sign.
Cobblestone street in Folkestone.
The view of Folkestone from Varne Ridge.
Hey! I know that guy!
MMMMmmmm… dinnner
Creepy Penguin Bell in the shrubbery…

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