Confession: I’m Running a Marathon

I am taking an official break from marathon swimming* for the year.

*I am not taking a break from ice swimming, adventure swimming, competitive swimming, night swimming, ocean swimming, open water butterfly, assisting newcomers in open water endeavors, coaching, swim coaching, floating, play swimming, swimming with my nephews, or skinny dipping.  Just marathon swimming.

Basically the reasons are as follows:

  1. I fell on my shoulder on the ice over the winter. This opened my eyes to the fact that my shoulder hasn’t been in good shape for a long time.  I have swum until there are bruises all down both of my arms.  I’ve put them through a lot of hard work, and I applaud their resilience, but it’s time to give them a much needed break from hours and hours and hours of swim training. I’m giving my body a break.
  2. I am coaching and helping my community build swimming programs and fundraising to build an indoor pool.  This cuts into my swim training time, anyway, and it’s just time to share all I’ve learned and give back to my community.
  3. I need more time for Adirondack Adventure Swimming! Shorter, valiant, risky, crazy, gorgeous swims in wild and natural environments that are AWESOME!  Can’t wait.
  4. …I have other so much other stuff I have to do.

Oh!  And I’m running a marathon.


When is the marathon?

November.  I have plenty of time to train for it.

Where is it?

Florida.  Nice and flat.  But hot!  That will be different.

Why are you running a marathon?

It seemed like a good idea to sign up for one after I ran a 10K.

Plus, I can’t do any major swims this year and I can’t afford to purchase the gear for biking or hiking.

When did you decide you liked running?

I choose to like running every time I run.  It’s not naturally a happy thought for me – too much baggage from childhood, I suppose.

How did you get into running?

I began running as cross-training for swimming. I ran with different people, but when I ran a race with my friend, Judy, something changed for running for me.  She smiled the whole time.  To me, that was the most amazing thing!  I didn’t know anybody could love running.  Ever.  I didn’t think it was possible.  So I decided that maybe if she could love running, maybe running could be lovable.  And maybe I could love it.  So I keep running.  Sometimes you fall in love and sometimes you grow in love.

What’s the farthest distance you’ve run?

I ran a half marathon just this past weekend.  That was awesome!  I still can’t believe that I’ve run farther than 13 miles.  To me, that is a huge thing.  It’s almost impossible.  But doing it was just so satisfying!  I remember being a kid thinking I could never really do anything athletic and it’s so cool to tackle the things in my head that tell me I can’t.

You should do an Ironman.

Everybody says this, but it isn’t actually a question.

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