Adirondack Adventure Swimming: An Introduction

Rock Lake – The Adirondacks

Adventure Swimming is a relatively new sport, but it currently enjoys a vast membership of renegade and rogue swimmers the world over.  People who enjoy swimming in unconventional and wild settings are flocking to the freedom of immersing and traversing the most unlikely bodies of water.

In my neck of the woods, some friends and I have made it our mission to swim the wild waters of the Adirondacks.  Thus, Adirondack Adventure Swimming was born.  It could be a club, brand, faction, non-profit, or multi-million dollar investment opportunity – we’ll get back to you on all of that later.  For now, it’s a group of environmentally conscious, open water enthusiasts determined to promote the sport of swimming in all its multi-faceted applications and for adults of all ages.

Adirondack Adventure Swimmers!
Adirondack Adventure Swimmers!

So what constitutes an Adventure Swim?  An Adventure Swim is defined by the presence of three components.

  1. Logistical complication – Most adventure swims take place in remote locations with complicated courses and routes. Planning becomes key to proper hydration, navigation, and safety.

    GPS Route for the Swim of No Return.
  2. Unconventional swimming location – Adventure swims are conducted outside the box. This applies to the location of the swim, but also to administration of the swim.  Adventure swims aren’t for competition or completion of a certain distance as much as for the participation in nature and the enjoyment of swimming.
  3. Elements of Peril – Any physical activity has elements of peril. Swimming, perhaps, more so than others.  Throw in logistics and unconventional locations, and you increase the peril.  You can also increase the peril by adding in extreme temperatures, wildlife, or distance.

    Silver Lake – Obscure yet gorgeous!

There!  Now that we’ve done our proper introduction to our sport; I’ve got some tales to tell of some amazing swims from this past weekend!   Make sure to stay tuned!

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