Adirondack Adventure Swimming: Big Moose Lake

Big Moose Lake in relation to the surrounding area.

Big Moose Lake – not to be confused with Small, Medium, or Gargantuan Moose Lake – is located along Route 1 (Big Moose Road) in the Adirondacks.  It’s about 4 miles long and seemed to have been settled into nicely with multiple camps, recreational facilities and even homes.  It’s not too far from Big Moose itself or from Inlet, NY which seems to be a bustling touristy area… at least on the Fourth of July.

Intrepid adventurers, Bob and Deb and I, had decided to try to hit three lakes on July 4th on our way back home after a pleasant evening at Covewood Lodge the night before.

We began by breaking into Big Moose Lake.

5 Mph in the swim area.  Settle down you speed devils!
A black and silver morning.

Okay, we weren’t really ‘breaking in’ so much, but we felt very bold as we got in the water and swam outside of the roped off section of the lake that was Covewood’s swimming area.

The water was very dark, I remember.  A deep black/orange color.  The sky was slate gray, too and gave an almost begrudging chill to the morning.  That, and the temperature was only in the mid-50s.  The water temperature was recorded at 68-69 degrees and was definitely a wakeup call.

Water Temperature official record!

Leaving our hot coffee cups on the dock as a fond memory, we swam out into the darkness, marveling at the coves we found and the plant life we encountered.  Boats were already out and about in different areas, but the lake was mostly quiet.

When we turned around to head back, Deb pointed out that our bubbles were hanging out on the surface of the water.  They were like bread crumbs for us to find our way back to dock we had left.  Not that we went too terribly far, anyway.

I did notice during the swim that I had slept uncomfortably the night before and my back was sore.  It seemed to be interfering with me keeping my hips up.  I was glad when we finally made it back to shore.

We felt refreshed and slightly chilled and decided unanimously to head for Inlet and nice hot breakfast.

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