Adirondack Adventure Swimming: Moss Lake

Oh Moss Lake, how I loved you!
Oh Moss Lake, how I loved you!

We heard about Moss Lake from the incredibly friendly and helpful owner at Covewood Lodge.  When she heard about our exciting past-time of swimming in random lakes, she was eager to assist in any way she could.  And there are no shortages of lakes in the Adirondacks for recommendations!  Moss Lake was conveniently located right up the road from Covewood Lodge off Route 1, with a nice parking area and a short trail walk to the water.

Moss Lake was incredibly exciting for many reasons.    Not in the least was the appearance of another swimmer AND. HIS. DOG!

Open Water Dog 2.0 - equipped with video surveillance systems!
Open Water Dog 2.0 – equipped with video surveillance systems!
"What are you looking at?  Haven't you ever seen a dog in a life vest, before?" "YES! Why yes, I HAVE!!!!"
“What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen a dog in a life vest, before?” “YES! Why yes, I HAVE!!!!”

That totally just happened!

I was so excited to meet another Open Water Dog!  Guri and I have done many swims together!  She is my best athletic training buddy.  We even did a five mile race!  She won first place in the canine division!  It was exciting to see that I’m not the only one who brings their dog into their adventures.

Photo not enlarged to show texture.

Once we started swimming in Moss Lake, I noticed that the water had a definite texture to it.  As I moved my hands, I could feel things against my palms.  It didn’t bother me, I thought it was neat!  I tried to see what it was, but I couldn’t really see anything.  It felt like some kind of thick particulate or something.  When we paused, I declared in a very scientific fashion having been influenced in great measure by my PhD friends:

“This lake is crunchy.”

Bob and Deb, Scientists, Pilots Adventurer Swimmer Friends.
Bob and Deb: Scientists Pilot Adventurer Swimmer Friends.

Bob and Deb had several theories about the presence of whatever it was.  Something not as disturbing as the thought of insects being born, but basically that idea.  I was concerned about allergic reactions, but Deb reassured me that it wasn’t likely.

Note: Always bring scientists on adventure swims.  They know things.  And when something is scientifically defined, it’s more comfortable.  Plus also, they randomly spout Latin.  And that’s totally cool.

Island or BUST!

There was an island in the middle of Moss Lake, too, just as there had been in Silver Lake.  We swam out to it and around the backside.  An osprey nest hung out at the top of a lone tree adding a touch of foreboding and drama.  My back was still sore, so I had some trouble during this swim, too.  It was sad to be in pain enough to have it impact the adventure, but it was no less magical or fun – never mind the distance!  I enjoyed it immensely.

Moss Lake Selfie!
Moss Lake Selfie!

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