Fall and Winter Masters Swimming at Pico!

Masters Swimming is coming back to Pico!  
The Lake Dunmore triathlon in which many Masters swimmers participated this summer!
I am so excited for a full season of swimming this year and have been getting together some resources from fellow coaches to put together a great program.   It’s been one of the most rewarding things in my life to share my love of swimming with some amazing people and to watch them achieve their goals! This year promises more fun! Dates and times and prices of swimming are listed below:

Debbie, our one-mile champion, and Bekah at the Betsy Owens swim this Summer!
Fall 2015 – October 5-November 20th
Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30pm
Winter 2016 – November 30 – February 11
Monday 6:30am
Wednesday 5:30pm
The pricing structure has changed a bit from last season and it’s great to see the program evolving!
Drop-ins are allowed a maximum of twice at the $15 drop-in rate.

Fall Session (10/5/15 to 11/19/15) – 7 weeks – 1x per week $90.00, 2x per week $170.00.

Winter Session (11/30/15 to 2/11/16) – 9 weeks – 1x per week $115.00, 2x per week $210.00.

Both Fall and Winter Session (10/5/15 to 2/11/16) – 16 weeks – 1x per week $205.00, 2x per week $320.00.

USMS Affiliation – You must be a member of USMS to join KACM for insurance purposes.  They are currently offering a great deal for the rest of the 2015 year (only $31 total to finish out the year!).  Typically in November and December they will run a discount membership for 2016 renewal.  Go to usms.org to register and select New England as your LMSC and KACM as your club.
For more information on Killington Aquatic Club please visit

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