Can we just think about Skiing and Dark Beer for a second?

Winter is Coming.

Don’t worry, world, I now know the reference.  I’ve been using my spare time – when I’m not training, working on my house, coaching, working full time, going to school, cooking healthy meals, volunteering, or doing my own business thing – to catch up on things like reading, watching movies, and even occasionally playing video games.  I am now listening to Outlander and may have joined the throng of silly girls entirely infatuated with Jamie Fraser, despite the fact that I don’t generally find guys with red hair all that attractive.  I have also fallen for Harry Bosch AND Jack Reacher and I spent a little bit of time in Ancient Egypt.  I can’t wait for the Star Wars movie and I’ve brushed up on several action films.  Unfortunately, despite my capacity to land a plane in real life, I still can’t get Link to jump the way I want him to in the first castle.

Anyway, the point is, I did listen to the entire first book of Game of Thrones on audiobook.

Can we just, for a second, forget about marathon training and work?  Can we forget about stress and how many classes I should take next semester?  Let’s leave finances completely out of this stream of consciousness.  Let’s not be disturbed by what’s next.  Let’s let go of all the anxiety of trying to do everything right, of juggling ten thousand things.  Can we just pretend for a moment that there is nothing except the truth and beauty of that wondrousness:

Winter is Coming.


Cold.  Snow.  Skiing!  Downhill skiing and my first ski pass – ever in my life!!!  Skiing.  And hot, dark, rich, bitterly exquisite coffee!  And did I say cold?  And hats and gloves and swimsuits.  Swimmers standing barefoot on the ice before getting into a barely unfrozen lake to swim laps.  Dear me!  And did I already say skiing?  And coat pockets hiding dark chocolate.

OH!  And DARK BEER!  It’s coming, friends!  That’s coming, too!  Chocolate porters and oatmeal stouts and black lagers and… Skiing and dark beer.

Let’s forget everything else.  Everything except skiing and dark beer.

Can we just think about skiing and dark beer for second?

Because winter.

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