My First Marathon: Space Coast

I had never stood in such a sea.  It was one of people.  Athletes.  Competitors.  Friends.  Firsts and lasts and every story in between.  Thousands.  All of us waiting for our turn to begin.  For the first time I was one of the sea, I thought to myself, and not one with it.

A different sea.

I found my place, alone at the back.  I nervously took in the details of the people around me.  I set up my phone to do all the things I needed it to do.  My run/walk timer was set.  My location indicator so that Seth, Stephanie, David, Genevie, and Judy could stalk me throughout the day.  I was ever so glad that they were all there and that even though the footsteps would be my own and I would be alone in my undertaking, that I had their company and support and encouragement.  David and Judy had made arrangements to come all the way from New York to support me in my marathon.  I could not have ever asked for better friends and coaches.

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