Rutland City Pool Initiative

Rutland City Readers! 

Get out and Vote “Yes” for the Municipal Pool on March 1st!

My first memories of swimming were getting up ridiculously early in the summer time as a kid on the Rutland Swim Team and being dragged to White’s unheated pool.  I remember misty summer mornings with a distant yellow sun, barely touching the surface of the pool… which was freezing!  I remember thinking, “If I just get in and get moving, it won’t be that bad!”  So I would take the plunge and swim and swim and swim for as long as Coach Melissa would let me – thinking about everything and nothing, daydreaming about swimming the English Channel.

Rutland City Municipal Pool History:

There has been an operational municipal pool in the City of Rutland since 1929 (86 years).  From Rotary Park to White’s this has been a long standing tradition.

The previous pool at White’s was a 50 meter, typical outdoor structure with a projected life span of 25 years.  In all, it lasted 44 years before closing its doors at the end of the swim season in 2014.  It was the home to hundreds of lap swimmers, generations of swim team kids, and countless community members.  Sadly, due to the nature and extent of the repairs, the existing structure is not a viable financial enterprise to bring up to code.

The New White’s Pool:

Rutland City Pool
A thing of beauty!

The initiative to build a new pool began December 2014.  Surveys, committees and research have been conducted since that time, getting feedback from the community as to what they wanted in a municipal pool.  A plan and design was formed based on the needs of the community and with a cost efficient plan in mind.

For $2.5 million, the new 50-year structure will offer 2 separate pools with different configurations and different temperatures to support a variety of needs.

A zero entry community pool will accommodate handicapped, elderly, and small children.  A splash zone with a slide will be available in addition to areas for swim lessons (beginners, toddlers), aquasize, etc.

A 25 yard lap pool will host 6 competition lanes for lap swimming and swim teams.  A diving board area will be maintained in this area, as well.

The new grounds will feature shade areas and an updated bath house with dedicated family locker rooms.  Community rooms for public use and rental will also be added.

The Rutland City Bond:

The average home in Rutland appraises at $150K. This bond would cost the average home owner $26/yr over the life of the bond (20 yr bond). This is an average —so earlier in the life of the bond, it will actually cost more as the city will be paying more interest. At the end of the life of the bond, it will be less.     

What does a pool bring to our community?

Swim Lessons keep people of all ages safe in and around water.  Swimming is a valuable life skill that should be taught to children and adults everywhere.

Swim team and swim meets train athletes for life and provide a valuable diversity to our area sports teams.  Swim meets bring hundreds to the pool regularly.  State and regional meets bring anywhere from 1,200-1,500 folks.

With the new design, there are more opportunities to diversify the programming and offer more recreation opportunities, fitness outlets, and jobs of all kinds.

In Closing:

This is our chance to secure, for the next 50 years, a gem that has been around in our community for nearly 100 years.  White’s pool has done so much for Rutland city kids, adults and especially for me, personally.

I owe a lot to the Rutland City Recreation and Parks Department.  To White’s Pool.  To Coaches Melissa and Barb and Mary.  I would have never begun to swim if it wasn’t for the Rutland City Municipal Pool.  There is no way to measure the good it has done, the inspiration swimming has been in my life and in the lives of so many others that I have impacted in some way.

Thank you, Rutland City, for being the home of a dreamer who became a champion.  Let’s make many, many more in the years to come.


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