Vermont Spring Swim Tour: Elfin Lake

Elfin Lake
Cute little body of water!

Some crazy friends and I decided that a great way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend would be to swim in three different lakes in one day.  Our plan formulated like this:

“Hey!  Who wants to swim in three different lakes in one day?”

“I do!”

“Pick me!”


“Which lakes are swimming in?”

“We’ll start at Elfin Lake… then we’ll just drive until we find a slipway.”



Beautiful Ladies
Bold Adventurers!

Elfin Lake is the man-made lake in Wallingford, VT.  It’s quaint and quiet and a good spot for open water swim training.  It’s only about 1,000 feet long, so it’s pretty comfortable and relatively safe to swim in.  Good for a wake-up swim!

We accessed Elfin Lake by parking at the Stone Meadow Entrance and walking in on the trails.  There is a whole network of trails throughout Stone Meadow and around Elfin Lake that are good for running or walking or whatever.  It’s a great recreational facility.

Elfin Lake Temperature Check
Temperature check!

The water temperature was about 74 degrees – plenty warm enough!

Guri and the Stick
Can we just talk about how beautiful this dog is?

Guri was the overachiever of the swim.  She found a stick about as long as her and proceeded to carry it around the lake!  Love that dog.

All the legs
All the sexy legs.

From the public beach to the boy’s camp beach (where Guri and I photobombed a wedding, once) across the lake and back to the public beach is just about 850 yards.

A decent way to kick off a great swim plan!  From there, we headed back to my house for some breakfast and to scheme about our next leg of the great adventure!



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