Vermont Swim Tour: Lake Pauline

Our Memorial Day Three Lakes in One Day adventure continued from Elfin Lake to Route 100.




I had driven Scenic Route 100 one Fall afternoon and was struck by the beauty and the proximity to water all along the way.  I determined I would come back and swim the Route 100 corridor between Ludlow to Killington.

Lake Pauline
Lake Pauline’s location


The very first access point we came to was Lake Pauline.  There isn’t really a slipway at the junction of E Lake Road and Route 100, but you can walk around the concrete dam with its gentle and romantic waterfall to access the Lake.  Lake Pauline may not even be its actual name – it’s just the way it’s labeled on Google Maps.

Water under the bridge
The view from the waterfall.

We swam from the southern end of the Lake upstream for a while.  It was really beautiful scenery with the mountains and quaint Vermont homes.  The water was sparkling clear as well.  A touch colder than Elfin Lake, but once you got moving it was really spectacular.

Bill even managed to capture the following intense and captivating footage of three swimmers and a dog:


Good Luck
I found four four leaf clovers in a row.  For serious!
The Waterfall
None of us tackled the waterfall, we’ll save that for next time.

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