My Friend, The Sea

I couldn’t tell you the last time I swam in the sea.  I tried, but couldn’t pinpoint it.  I used to be in the ocean once a month or more.  Long swims, short swims… the cold and the salt and the bags of feed and clothes and everything.  How much time?  How much money?  How much energy getting back and forth?

It was my purpose, it didn’t matter what it cost me.  Not really.  The investment was worth it.  The investment.  In myself.  In my athleticism.  In my confidence.  In who I was meant to become.  Now, that must shift.  I have other purposes.  New investments.  New growth.  New dreams to pursue.  I must evolve.

But as I dove into the green gold salty fluid – I heard my name in the bubbles swirling around my head.  I heard a song from the deep.  I felt the ocean squirm with delight around me as the wind and waves churned and swirled and wrapped me in fond hellos.

Oh my friend the sea!  I think I was born for you.  I think I was yours from beyond the deep.  I think the sky and the water are twins and somehow I am their kin.  I would not presume to know them, but I could spend a lifetime discovering all their secrets.  Today, I know, she was glad to see me.  She reminded me of Guri in her wild enthusiasm as she frothed and laughed and tossed me to and fro in her surf.

I missed you, too, my friend… I whispered as I sang into the sea whatever sound I felt in my being to release.

I missed you, too.