I overdid it.  Again.

It started as a tightness in my neck and ended with me physically holding my shoulder in place with my opposite hand.  I listened to it crackle and pop. I tried to keep it still and in place.  I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t that bad.  It doesn’t hurt too much.  It’s fine.  It will be fine.  I need to swim.  You don’t understand.  I need…

To recover.


Too much energy.  Too much passion.  Not enough strength.

But I need…

I don’t know what I need.  I need the moonlight.  I need to listen to her silent echo across the black sky.  I need the stars.  I need the crisp, cold air.  I need the trees to hide me in their beauty.  I need the mountains.  I need to sink into the cold water with breath and will power alone.  I want to be lost and found, wild and free.

It takes so long to gain the strength particular to the journey.  The one comes as you participate in the other.

When will these steps forward not be marked by steps back?

So we stop.  But we don’t stagnate.  Back to step one.  Strengthening.  Devote your passion to the pursuit of wholeness.  Funnel your energy into embracing the earth without injuring yourself.

You are not taking a step back.  All of them are leading forward.

It’s not too much to ask to take just a little more time.

One thought on “Recovery

  • similar journey, surgery in 2 weeks, out of water for 4 weeks – will start to build again in December for 2017 season – at 55 will i be able to rebuild to swim for 15 hours? good luck on the rehab and keep posting please

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