In my writings, from time to time, you may note that I refer to Yahweh.  In the most basic of all explanations, let me first say that when God introduced Himself, He used the name Yahweh.

I suppose that’s the gist of my reasoning behind calling him that. I refer to most friends/people/individuals by the name they prefer to be called – knowing how much it irritates me to be called Beth instead of Bethany. I can’t imagine anything worse than consistently being called by something other than what you have said you wish to be called.

I suppose I should say something about knowing that Yahweh is. However, I feel like if you have ever looked around you and truly tried to comprehend the vast mathematical equations, to define the profound scientific theories and principles, or to appreciate the exquisite and breath-taking array of beauty that floods the world we live in with charm, stability, government, and excellence – then you must see evidence of him. So, perhaps, I will leave off of that and simply inform you that I know him.

I know him, because he is knowable.  A personable, approachable, living, relatable God. He should be allowed to speak if he so chooses. He should be allowed to inspire us, to interact with us, to guide us and to grow us into all he intended for us to be. The more I get to know him, the more I know he is all goodness.  He sees us how we could be, how we should be – all our hopes, dreams, fears, desires, talents, strengths, weaknesses – to the very script of our DNA.  How could we think he would be so distant as to hide himself in ancient texts or to leave us to our own devices to muddle through as best we can?  I cannot hold to a book as the only source of my understanding.  I fail to see how any father – who is such an accomplished artist, inventor, and genius; who has invested so much in his children as to build them such an astounding masterpiece like the world in which we live… how could he create, court, tend to, shepherd, grow, love, and die for all of it and them… and then write a book and tell them all to fend for themselves until he felt like blowing the whole thing up?  I mean… really?! That’s just ridiculous – and based upon years of wrong theologies and doctrines compounded by fears and superstitions.

I am certain that he wants to live our lives with us.  Part and parcel.  To be involved in our stories and to make us a part of his; to share in the glories of the moments in which we triumph and excel, to hold us through the loss and sorrow, and to sometimes push, sometimes prod, sometimes smile, sometimes stop, sometimes encourage, and sometimes kick our asses to move us along our way to becoming all we can.  That’s the God I want to be associated with.

More importantly, that’s the Yahweh I know.

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